Miss Metal & Manner.

That’s me. Used to be Golden Grace back in my teenage years. I thought the meaning of my name was beautiful. That is until I realized how far I was from being a suitable ambassador to such meanings. Despite my protests, I tend to be either a clumsy goof or a worry wart. So I’ve modified my alias to something more neutral and perhaps less cheesy. (Thank you, CBC Radio, for doing a feature on the story behind the name City and Colour.)

I’m one of those folks who are still seeking purpose in their existence, at a ripe early 20s, while what surrounds me are people moving forward with their lives in a manner society deems appropriate. Of course, a part of me wants to achieve the “American Dream”, but it’s a nightmare trying to find “success” as a broke aspiring designer. I may be falling into a place where I should just stop and settle for something more “practical”. Wishy-washy is not to be confused with confused. There are so many options that there’s nowhere to go. Too many options can be paralyzing.

By being active in this blog and highlighting creatives, I hope to find inspiration in others’ imaginations and reflections. Thus, reclaiming a child-like enthusiasm to chase dreams and to be unafraid of the journey to self-understanding and acceptance.

Otherwise known as Ann Hoang.

Get to know more on Facebook: /annhoang.des
OR Twitter: @hoa_n_ng


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