Patchface: A Collaborative Design Venture


Do you want to make a Halloween costume? Initially, I didn’t think he was serious. I usually get the feeling that people just nod to be polite when I talk about my interest in clothing design. To be fair, though, I am still a nobody. So you can imagine the pang of excitement alongside the uneasiness that followed.

Jester Design

A tidal wave of irrational fears rose: I’ve yet to design something to fit the male body! There are so many components to the costume and multiple odd shapes to work with! I’m still a rather rookie designer! What if I fail to meet the expectations?!

But I should take the opportunity when such doors open, as they are very few. Especially for being a rookie. Especially for a place like Edmonton. So I did, and what a delightful surprise it was.

The costume turned out wonderfully. An opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded and creative individuals was developed. The vision came to life splendidly, thanks to pooling in the talents of these wonderful folks. It’s ventures like these that wear me out, but they’re also the things that energizes me and fills me with a sense of purpose that I can be proud of.

48 hours (over a span of a couple months)
11 yards
7 different fabrics
10 jingle bells
14 buttons
2 zippers
6 snaps
1/2 metre of wire
& way too many pieces to count.





Concept, Model, MUA: Evan Wong
Costume Designer: Ann Hoang
Photographers: Kalan Wong and Tye Eldridge
Photographs viewed here: Tye Eldridge
I also want to thank thewarriorprincess for the inspirational tutorial on making a jester hat.
Special thanks to Michelle Giles of MAGI for the recommendation. Want custom leather goods in Edmonton? She’s got the finesse!


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