The Garden of Ugly

My mom loves to garden. Once the snow has melted, you’ll find her outside tending to what she thinks is a garden and what I classify as a jungle. (Either that or you’ll find her marathoning through her favourite Korean dramas.) I never understood how she can be okay with the lack of careful planning that goes into this landscape. She’ll just throw things anywhere and everywhere and expect life to grow. I’ll admit that she has a green thumb. She can garden, but why does it have to be so darn hideous?

This is what it looks like. I’m surprised that the municipal garden gnomes haven’t sent a notice regarding her handiwork in depreciating property value. Years of nagging to get her to tidy it up, beautification attempts, and threats to poison her plants proved fruitless unless you wanted to unleash the Dragon Lady. You do not want to see the Dragon Lady. 

Year after year, the state of her garden bothers me a little less. Gardening is her thing, and I know how therapeutic it is for her. That still doesn’t help me to appreciate it for what it is – until she encouraged a change in perspective. This summer, my mom has asked me to photograph her flowers, and I was surprised to see how beautifully the images turned out. Beauty can indeed be found in this mishmash. It just needed a closer look. With this project, I hope to showcase the value in her jungle and to put a smile on my mom’s face when she needs a little green therapy during the unforgiving winter months. Below, are my favourites from this year’s display.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I still expect you to follow through with cutting your inventory of indoor plants by half. Our window looks like a grow-op!




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