Reshaping A Straw Floppy Hat

With only four days left until a trip to Cancun, I encountered a dilemma with packing my straw floppy hat. It has been in storage for a couple years. Six bodies in a bitty bungalow leaves little space for adequate storage. I hung said hat on the door. One side of the brim would get squashed between the doorframe and the door and eventually became wonky. I didn’t want to buy a new one because it would most likely suffer a similar issue.

Then I came across brim-steaming in the classic British comedy series, Are You Being Served?. There was an episode where Mr. Humphries was reshaping a hat using a steamer and his expert wrist flicks to mould the brim just right. From that, I drew a similar idea in reshaping the straw floppy hat. Not fancy wrist flick required since this brim is flat.

  • Set the iron to the lowest setting possible but one that will still permit the steam function.
  • To protect the hat, place a press cloth over it. 
  • Add some steam to the area and gently press with the iron for a few seconds.
  • Allow for the hat to cool to help retain the desired shape.

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